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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 25, 2021

Create what you're missing.  Doesn't sound so simple, does it? 


Well, that depends. It depends on what you're missing.


I have done this, so I can add perspective.  So has my guest on this week's podcast. She always had to work hard to do well. At one point, she even wondered how she'd make it through college.


In first grade, Teela remembers being asked: what do you want to be?

And she thought, an artist, or maybe a teacher.


And so, she was encouraged to start one thing.

As she moved along in her life, trying to figure out what her true passion was, she began, playing podcasts in her car, on her head phones, during her lunch break - anything to learn.


And to finally figure it out and create what you're missing, she recommends this:

  • Set aside time and dedicate that time.
  • When something's not working, try something else.
  • Use your "off" hours to explore your passions with no pressure.
  • Consistency is SO important.
  • Keep promises to yourself.
  • Be kind, always.

I couldn’t agree more. Creating what you’re missing is one of the secrets to a happy, peaceful life. Just try it!

More about Teela:

Teela is the designer and content creator behind Every Tuesday, which she runs alongside her web developer/designer husband, Spencer. Every Tuesday for the past 7 years, she has published a new free design, illustration or lettering tutorial on her YouTube channel which has amassed over 19 million views. In 2015, she and her husband quit their full time jobs to pursue Every Tuesday together and they are proud to have now shared their knowledge with over 200,000 students through their online courses.




Check out my book: 

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