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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 7, 2022

As a young girl, her parent's separation was a life-changing event.


But attending camp at age 7 ignited a new found curiosity and fascination with nature.


Toni Anderson knew she'd found her happy place.


Through her life and career, she marched on and struggled, becoming scrappy along the way.


Over the course of her career she began:

  • Helping teams understand human relations
  • Escaping to nature
  • Healing, nurturing, and offering love


And when she'd struggle, she didn't know those moments were gifts. Who ever really does?


She explains that challenges are entry points to possibilities.


You are not being derailed.  You are getting clarity.


She learned to be radically honest with herself.


What are you scared of, she'd ask herself.


What do you desire and WHY?


For crying out loud, ask yourself WHY.


It's the ultimate question.


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Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career