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Peace and Possibilities

Dec 2, 2020

Update your dream and trust the process.


Hmmm...can you think of an easier way to get what you want?


As far as "ease" goes, I think "update your dream and trust the process" is right up there with, "say what you want and see what happens".

Which is good news for you!




Because asking the right questions and watching the answers come is something only you can do to figure out what you should do.


So start asking, "What’s my next right step?"


Then stop and listen.  Really listen.  It's amazing how clear the answer will usually be. 


Then trust your intuition for crying out loud!


Oh, and of course, then listen to this week's Peace & Possibilities Podcast when my brilliant and beautiful guest, Manvir Dhaliwal, tells you how to do just that.


More about Manvir here: