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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 25, 2021

Create what you're missing.  Doesn't sound so simple, does it? 


Well, that depends. It depends on what you're missing.


I have done this, so I can add perspective.  So has my guest on this week's podcast. She always had to work hard to do well. At one point, she even wondered how she'd make it through college.



Aug 18, 2021

My guest this week, Dan Kazmierczak, went from attending school at IIT (in Chicago) to working with chocolate - what an unexpected journey!

But then again, aren't they all? 


Along the way he learned life lessons from an expert caramel guy (yes, there is such a thing) and finally found what he was meant to be...

Aug 11, 2021

Are you on the right ladder?


When talking with my guest this week, Keri Kelly, we mentioned climbing the corporate ladder and figuring out where we wanted to be, and how we've learned that we need to pay attention to what makes us feel alive and what feels expanding.


As we talked about climbing the "corporate...

Aug 4, 2021

We should have some help along the way.


Yes, help.  What a novel idea!


Michael Smith has learned many lessons as a professional athlete. After our conversation it was difficult to summarize all of his insights.


He's learned, among other things along the way, patience.  Lots of patience. And that he needed help and...