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Peace and Possibilities

Aug 11, 2021

Are you on the right ladder?


When talking with my guest this week, Keri Kelly, we mentioned climbing the corporate ladder and figuring out where we wanted to be, and how we've learned that we need to pay attention to what makes us feel alive and what feels expanding.


As we talked about climbing the "corporate ladder" we realized this:

Shouldn't we first ask if we're on the right ladder?


This "ladder" we're on can apply to relationships, work, life, family, etc.


What if you're trying to move on, up, or through something and you're not in the right place?


What if you aren't on the right ladder after all?


What if you've been climbing the wrong ladder and that's why "it" isn't working?


Wow! We both agreed this was such an important concept. I hope it helps you.


This recently happened to me when I realized that I wanted to be back on a team because I missed the daily collaboration and connections SO much.  I want to share all I've discovered and learned, and working alone doesn't fulfill that need.  So I got off one ladder and jumped onto another one.  The right one.


So I ask you, are you on the right ladder?


The clearer you are about where you are and what you want, the sooner it (anything you wish for) can come into your life.

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