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Peace and Possibilities

Feb 9, 2022

My guest this week is Joe Siciliano. We've known each for almost 26 years, when my husband and I met him and his wife, during our honeymoon in St. Lucia.


A lifelong friendship ensued and we have been enjoying great dinners and conversations with them ever since.


He's been a constant stream of positive energy and drive ever since we met and I wanted to share his great attitude and insights with you.


I think you'll discover fairly quickly that he excels at building relationships, which is one of the reasons he's had a successful career in real estate.


When we discussed what he wished he learned sooner, he wishes he'd knew to enjoy the process more, to acknowledge all his blessings, and been more grateful and appreciative of all of it along the way. 


And we both agreed, being more intentional with our lives is something we could have benefited from earlier.


We have a lot of power. We have to stop and reflect more.

We create what we focus on.  It's easy to see as we get older.  But we can't go back.  Learn more earlier. Seek. Find.

Then acknowledge that all of it is your responsibility to master.


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