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Peace and Possibilities

May 26, 2021

Even if you give up a dream, if it's your destiny, it won't leave you.

This is how you know.  Your dream won't leave you.  It remains. Always.

My guest this week is the amazing author Barbara Huson, who has written several books about wealth and personal development.  She's on a mission to help each of us feel...

May 19, 2021

Are you willing to do anything? My guest this week was, and that's how he became the Philly's mascot for years. Talk about fun!


Dave Raymond has had some amazing experiences, all because he was willing to do anything.


What was he willing to do?


  1. He just showed up!
  2. Connect the dots (combined his passion...

May 12, 2021

You'll love listening to my guest this week.  Heidi Dawson, of The Wildly Successful Lifestyle Podcast, has always told her herself: if something's not working for me, I'm not staying in it. I love this! 


Who is she?  Just an awesome person who is making the world a better place a little bit more everyday, by sharing...

May 5, 2021

It wasn't an easy road for my guest this week.  He thought he wanted one thing, worked really hard, then realized he wanted something else. 


He took the long way.  Don't we all at some point?


As Dan Kelleher says, his strong work ethic is what got him through.  Though his determination is what really changed...