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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 6, 2022

For my guest this week on The Peace and Possibilities Podcast, exercise is not a chore, it's a passion.


As we talked about Sara McSpedon’s career journey to becoming an entrepreneur with Mayweather Fitness, one of the keys to her success is that her team keeps her going; they are her support system.


Doing any job well and digging in and asking questions are a few recommendations for anyone trying to make it in their career. I'd say this applies to life too.  Doing any and every job well is something you'll never regret.


One of her best tips for success and leadership is this: if you have a passion, than you'll be successful. Though each one of us has a different vision of success.


We also talked about leading by example, always.  Show others how to be/act/lead, by being, acting, and leading that way yourself.


And whether you are officially leading a team or not, surround yourself with people that elevate you.  This is possible no matter what your role, in your career and in your personal life.


Finally, Sara asks: do you have a healthy practice? Find a regular practice that makes you healthier each day. It could be exercise, meditation, or eating better.  Even daily gratitude (especially daily gratitude), will make you healthier.


Whether you already know your passion or not, are living your dream or not, or simply can't figure your life out yet, don't give up on the daily happiness that's truly possible, every step of the way.

More about Sara:

Sara V. McSpedon, Franchise Owner, Chicago

+ B.S. Television, Radio, Film Management Minor: Business Administration

+ MBA, Finance: Fordham University

+ MTV Networks, Sales & Marketing (1998- 2007)

+ Pops for Champagne, Managing Partner (2007-2018)

+ Orangetheory Fitness Coach, Chicago & Suburbs (2014-2018)

+ Mayweather B+F River North & North Shore, Owner (2019- present)

+ A.C.E. Certified Fitness Instructor

And check out my bestselling book:

Peace, Possibilities, and Perspective:
8 Secrets to Serenity and Satisfaction in Your Life and Career