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Peace and Possibilities

Apr 13, 2022

"I kind of want to do it my way", said Kassy. And be true to that.


My guest this week is Kassy LaBorie and boy does she love what she does!


We shared so many great insights during our conversation.


Some of the many questions we both agree are so important.

Ask yourself: what intrinsically motivates you?

If you're feeling unmotivated, what can you do to reinvigorate your passion/inspiration?


Because, if you're not motivated, the struggle won't get you out of it.



  • What do you value and what makes you happy?
  • What can't you stop talking about and learning about?
  • Who can you reach out to that can help?
  • Who are you jealous of?
  • What keeps getting your attention?


And while you're figuring all of this out, can you contribute to someone else's success?  Who knows, they might just inspire you too.


No matter what questions you ask, you don't have to know it all, but you do need to know what you need.


It's okay to NOT know.  It's allowed. Today, do something; evolve by asking questions.


More about Kassy:


Kassy LaBorie is the principal consultant at Kassy LaBorie Consulting, LLC. She is a speaker, instructional designer, classroom facilitator, and author who specializes in virtual learning, teams, and live online technology. Kassy is passionate about helping organizations, learning teams, and training professionals successfully move to the virtual environment.


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