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Peace and Possibilities

Mar 3, 2021

Do you have a skill set? Of course you do!

For example, do you love to learn?  Does that make you excited? Than that is a skill.

Why does this matter?  Because your skills help you build the life you want. And of course, that keeps you peaceful and content each day.

My guests on this week's podcast have lots of wisdom to share and they're doing amazing work helping others, every day.

They make loving your work look easy.

For Jim Elliot, the Founder and President of Diveheart, he believes (and so do I), that 90% of success is showing up.  And that there's always an opportunity.  Just keep looking, it's there.

And Tinamarie Hernandez would tell anyone seeking a meaningful career, "don't chase the money - it's harder to lose later."

Each day, focus on one thing and finish it, like building bricks in a building.

Finally, no matter what your role, find mentors and you'll end up learning some lessons quicker.

Tune in to find out what each one of them offers the world each day.

I promise, you'll be inspired to do a little more every day to help people on our planet.

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