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Peace and Possibilities

Sep 15, 2021

I'm sure you'll agree my guest this week brings hope and humor to each and every day.

Jeff Mauro is a very grounded family man. And he's living his dream, combining his gift for entertaining with his love of food, on The Food Network!

But let me ask you: if you tried for something 4 times, something really big, and it didn't happen, would you keep trying? Or would you say, "this is it! I'm not trying anymore."

As Jeff likes to say, he wanted to use both sides of his brain. He really wanted to combine comedy and laughter with creativity and food.

So after graduating college, he opened a deli with his cousin and kept working at his craft.  For years! He wasn't afraid to be in weird situations. He kept developing those muscles (cooking, comedy, etc.).

And then it finally happened.  On the last try, he won a major cooking competition on The Food Network (Food Network Star), and the rest is history.

We talk about him having great parents who encouraged him, and how to be great parents to our kids.

We talk about becoming authors and encouraging creativity every day.

He encourages us to remember a few important ideas:

  • You really NEVER know.  You just don't.  So try!
  • If you have a glimmer of a gift, build on that. It's there for a reason.
  • Create something every single day.
  • Find the right person, it's quite possibly the most important decision of your life.
  • Don't be afraid to put yourself in weird situations.

And believe. In the wise words of Jeff "Make sure you're doing while you're believing!"

They are both extremely important. (Listen to find out which is a little more important.)

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